Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is the first attempt at a plied yarn. It's a mix of mystery roving and the lovely merino Froggy Fibers included in my package.

It's "novelty yarn" right? I just call it wonky. But then, I've never been into novelty yarn.

I made a second plied yarn last night, it's drying in my car (Yes, I am obsessed. It is draped over a clothes hanger in the T & C in the parking garage. What of it?). It's much, much nicer, with the remainder of the merino and some of my brown alpaca.

In between spinning sessions, I have also been working on a pair of fingerless mitts in a merino/cashmere blend (they are so so soft and a delicious pale colorway that looks like neopolitan ice cream), and my woodland sweater.

So spindlers, how do I get larger skeins? And what nifty tricks are there for making very thin singles? I'm hoping to achieve a two-ply yarn in DK weight or less. As that's my absolute favorite weight to knit with, and I'd like to get enough yarn to make some socks.

Oh, and because I hate waste, that first attempt at plying... I'm planning to knit it up into a Christmas ornament cover. I love those things and I've never made one. :)

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Michelle said...

I think it's lovely! My first became a felted coaster. It takes a bit of practice to really get the singles packed on there, and of course, the thinner your singles, the more yardage you're getting on your spindle. I have 3 spindles I like - my lightest one is super for spinning fine...it almost does it for me. And then my biggest is my go-to for plying because I can pack so much on it - you could make a plying spindle with an old cd and a dowel or knitting needle or something. I know you can do it all with one spindle (and I did for a long time), but once I bought a few sizes I found it gave me more flexibility.