Monday, August 4, 2008

no more laddering

Hooray! Second pair of socks is complete! And I am so much happier with them this time.

This yarn is wonderful. Regia in Partie. It's really a fun yarn to work with. Although I did have to baby powder my hands a few times to keep it from sticking on the needles. But the colors are so rich, and the self-striping pattern is just long enough to make a discernable repetition tough to find.

The heel is a lot tighter this time and I figured out how to eliminate the laddering issues I had last time. Probably everyone else knows this, but apparently when you work with dpns in the round, if you keep the incoming needle on top of the previous needle, it automatically tightens your first stitch--thus, no more laddering. But I just figured it out this time, and now I am even more in love with sock making than before. I think it may be time to venture off my tried and true k3, p3 pattern and try something a little more daring.

Of course, I thought I'd try using up some random white sock yarn that I have in my stash first with a pair of ankle socks for lil' b. So that's well underway. And it sounds like I will have another crochet blanket on deck soon, which is exciting. I haven't crocheted a blanket since... well, since I discovered quilting. So it'll be refreshing to pick up the hook again.


Cinnamonamon said...

Pretty, pretty!! :)

Michelle said...

They look great! I have used that same colorway and love how it turned out!

a friend to knit with said...

these look lovely. really really lovely!

Knitterella said...

Those look great! Your stripes came out perfect!