Thursday, October 2, 2008

the joys of september

A boy searching for the Great Pumpkin:

A hot air balloon on a crisp morning.

First, let me warn you that I've been reading Animal Vegetable Miracle.

Second, let me assure you that I am so not a hippie.

But, I do believe in the power of the almighty dollar, particularly in troubled times like these. I think that, as the economy crumbles all around us, the desire to support your local businesses, and the desire to become more self/community sufficient strengthens into a need.

I've written before about my longing to connect lil' b to his world, through planting, composting, crafts, and so forth. So none of that is new. But I just wanted to give you a background as to why this month's FOs are so, well, varied.

Next, a loaf of bread:
lil' b and I made this beautiful crusty olive oil bread from scratch. Granted, it's not terribly sexy, but it was terribly delicious. He was so proud to help with it, he would not stop talking about it or eating it!

Next, the tomato:
He and I planted these as seedlings in April. But apparently, the words true for realtors are also true for container tomatoes. Location, location, location. By the time we figured out that the back patio was not hot enough to produce fruits, it was already mid-July. So this greenie and his two brethren are the only tomatoes we grew this year. Today, as the days get a lot chillier, they are still fighting to turn red. Two of them look like they are going to make it.

And then, there is Charlie Brown:
I made this shirt to sell to a friend of Daddy-B's. I think it turned out pretty sweet, considering I had no idea how to do the stripe at the outset.

Finally, a vest:

I made this for my mom, and then taught her how to make her own (as I was becoming her personal sweatshop). Normally, I'd be content to do them for her, but as all the crafters know, I am neck-deep in Christmas present-making right now and don't have time to indulge her "vest of every color" whims.


Jerri said...

Stopping by to say hi! I love the hot air balloon picture. I have been dying to go up in one...

hook & needle said...

Hey Jerri!
I've missed you! I'm on Facebook, I believe you are too, right? I'll try to friend you...

a friend to knit with said...

oh that charlie brown shirt!!! so cute!
you should have let your guy wear it to the pumpkin patch. :)