Friday, June 20, 2008


This is the blanket that got away from me before I took pictures. Luckily, the recipient was kind enough to take these pictures and send them to me. The nursery is a gender-neutral yellow with giraffes. So the blanket is a gender-neutral yellow with giraffes.

Here is the front:

That's six tiny giraffes sewn on and plushed up in the Trapunto style. Hey, I never realized how a human model might help to show the size before! That's neat!

Here's the back...
The back is a solid fabric backing (yellow with polka dots) but I added a large soft giraffe applique to give it some interest. I really like the way this turned out.

In addition to this FO, I also had two more not worth photographing... very basic (yet very time-consuming) pillows for our couch. We've decided we hate the existing couch pillows (way too big and all misshapen from el poocho lounging on them) so we're outfitting our tan couch set with red and yellow pillows to match our drapes. That's an ongoing process, though I might take a photo or two once the transformation is complete.

And of course, socks. Delicious, lovely socks. Did I mention how much I love socks?

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