Monday, May 5, 2008

cinco de mayo & a festival of color

The pictures don't really do the colors justice, but here is the latest baby quilt. Our friends are expecting their second, and they don't know the gender. The nursery is blue, though, so I tried to come up with a color palette that could say boy or girl with blue as the main color. I wound up with a candy-colored top:

Here's a close-up:
With a dreamy night sky for the backing:

Fun for daytime, relaxing for night. Or at least, that was the idea. Sort of the mullet of baby quilts.
Saturday was our friends' baby shower, the one we gave the green quilt to. Lil' b had a great time, and did really well basically without a nap. He has a much more physical friend who was also there, and he held his own, which is good. Anyway, in addition to the gifts for the mama-to-be, Daddy-B also got this book for her husband. It was the only gift he got all day.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, one of our family's favorite holidays. We usually like to have a party the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, but with our friends' shower last weekend and Mother's Day this weekend, we couldn't schedule anything that anyone would be able to come to. However we are planning to head out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, so that counts for something, right?


Chel said...

I like the way the colors work together!

BTW you can totally knit soakers or pants...cotton would be a great, lightweight fiber. Have you checked out this cargo pattern? It's too cute -

Cinnamonamon said...

What great quilts! I think the green is my fav. :) Isn't it cool when your kid starts to get old enough to remember stuff later on? :)