Wednesday, July 25, 2007

blue blanket in search of a good home

I made this blanket around Christmas time in an effort to begin crafting for money (it never hurts to have a hobby that pays for itself). If you are interested in the purchase price, please let me know. Otherwise, this will be one of the blankets at an area craft show. The pattern is called Lemon Drop because it's supposed to be pale yellow and white, but I loved the stark contrast between the crisp white and the rich blue. So I will call this... hmmm... Summer Storm. Here are some pics:

And the detail shot:

Clearly, it's a bit larger than the first project; also this one was done with an I hook, the first was with a G. I had to mess with the contrast in the picture to get it to show the stitches more clearly. Apparently, I will need to find a new location for shooting my blanket pics. This was the blanket that garnered my first commissioned work. I will share pictures of those blankets soon.

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