Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Two completed projects in one!

A friend of mine, who hopefully does not check this blog, is expecting twins. Her nursery colors are yellow, brown, and white. So I made her these two baby quilts for her upcoming shower.

An interesting thing about this is that Daddy-B got involved. He's far pickier than I am, and he had all kinds of opinions about what fabrics I should use. Finally, I told him he could pick out and design the top of one of the quilts if he'd leave me alone to do what I wanted with the other. We decided that the backing would be the same, to ensure that the two went well together, but this way, each blanket was unique.

This is my blanket, traditional checks with quilting in the ditch:

Here's a closer look so you can see what the quilting pattern looked like:

And this is Daddy-B's. He chose the colors and the design, but I decided on the quilting pattern. I thought diagonals meeting in the center worked best.

A closer look at the quilting pattern:

Final size is about 34" x 34".
These were such fun to work on, and my first experience with quilting. It took two weeks to complete them both, which is a heck of a lot faster than crocheting, which was my original plan.

The fabric is 100% cotton novelty fabric, with a low-loft poly batting, self-binding seam. Huge props to Quilting for Dummies, that book was a big help.
I was inspired to try making these because a friend of mine made a small quilt for lil' b, and he loves it. I'm hooked now. I think a lot of my expectant friends will be getting quilts.
There is still a pink and white checked blanket on the hook, and a sock on the needles. But it is a huge relief to have these two blankets out of the way. Hopefully the projects will be coming a bit more fast and furious now.

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Chel said...

Those are really wonderful and I think it's so sweet that your dh was so involved! You did a really nice job and I'm sure your friend will be so happy! After the babies are born you ought to get a pic of them on their quilts!

LOL, no Guiness for Toby this year...I love how that thread one year ago would have caused mass chaos/ people hair flipping and leaving the board, and this year...nothing :) Love it!