Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tote and a blanket

Care for a cute tote to carry your onions home? How about this little lady?
I made this, originally, to add to my "Must Have More FOs If I'm Gonna Etsy" stash, but, like so many of my FOs, I've discovered a friend who absolutely must have this for her shopping.
And here is the newest baby blanket for the little brother-to-be of one of lil' b's friends.

The nursery theme is jungle, so I tried to go with bold colors, animal prints, and a little bit of wild animal flair. Note purple croc, blue lizard, red cheetah, and abstract giraffe squares.

So I HAVE been crafting, despite long gaps between posts. But with it being summer, I have been trying to take advantage of my at-home status by spending oodles of time with lil' b, as I know it's only a matter of time before I do go back to work. I am well aware that these sweet days of just the two of us will be some of my fondest memories when he is all grown up with a family of his own.
Additionally, I've been trying to complete items on my Life List. Mine is rather short (I want it to be achievable or I'll regret whatever I fail to achieve). Read the 10 greatest novels, watch the 10 greatest films, learn Spanish, and learn to salsa. That's it. I figure, if I can complete these things and there is still time, I'll add new items. With that, I'd like to ask, what are some of the things on YOUR Life List?

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Michelle said...

I'm wildly jealous of your quilting skillz! :P Really wonderful, I love the colors and patterns. I'll shoot you a pm on NBBC later today