Tuesday, May 13, 2008

knit wins

Which crafter among you thought that knitting would win out?

At least I have finished socks to show off now!

You can see the heel is a bit loose. I wonder if I should shrink up the number of rows in the heel flap next time...

But I love them, they are mine, they are wonderful! And I've already begun my next pair. Much brighter yarn this time.
Now a question for experienced sock makers... How do I wash these without stretching them out? And what are those cool wooden things you can slip inside them? What do they do?


Chel said...

I wash my socks with the rest of our clothes. I find they tend to shrink slightly (may take care of the loose heel), but it pulls the stitches in a little closer and I like the effect. I've never seen the little wooden things you talk about, so no help there!

The socks look great and I love that color - beautiful!

pretty crochety said...

YAY!!!! they look storebought to me, so you obviously did a fabulous job. KUDOS! :)

Cinnamonamon said...

I machine wash (sometimes in little garment bag things) and try to hang/lay flat to dry, although you could toss them in the dryer to get them a bit more snug.

The wooden things are called sock blockers & they're pretty much just for show or to block (duh, lol) them (if they have a pattern that needs it) before you give them as a gift.

You can make sock blockers out of other stuff if you want.

Oh...make sure your sock yarn says machine washable before you do it, though!! lol

hook & needle said...

Thanks for the advice on washing - that DID tighten up the heel and now I love them even more! Thanks!