Friday, August 24, 2007

alas, more projects

I should just turn off my computer. Seriously. Because when I am online, I am not crafting. Instead, I am finding all sorts of things that need to be crafted. Thus adding to my To-Do list without shortening it at all.

But really, I need to make this. Really. Desperately. In fact, yeah, I will probably start on one as soon as I hit "Publish Post."

I did manage to finish my Relaxed Cardi though! Yay! Here is what Crochet Today shows for this project:

And here is my version, dark green with metallic green edging:

And this weekend, between all the other plans we have, Daddy-B has promised me we can go and pick out a new book of crochet patterns for those last two blankets on my list. Hooray hooray!

Perhaps that shopping excursion will go more smoothly than lil' b's trip to Walgreen's with me so I could get a passport photo taken. Yeesh. I am really hating that whole "it takes a village" ideology... my kid, my concern. Butt out.

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