Saturday, November 22, 2008

some winter knits

So I made some socks.The color isn't exactly me, but since my mom picked out the yarn, these will be a Christmas gift for her. I think she'll love them. Then I had some extra yarn and made these, based on PSSO's blog and a suggestion from Chel.

Daddy-B wasn't too fond of the pink for lil' b though, so I also made these:

We wound up giving the pinkish mittens to the only little girl among my friends' children. Besides, lil' b was so ready to be rid of them once he tried the blue stripey ones on. :)

Hopefully I'll have some sewing projects to post soon. I have a bunch of lounge pants done, and for some reason, no pictures yet. I'll get some soon, I promise.

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Michelle said...

Those look fantastic! I love mittens :)