Sunday, January 20, 2008

feeling pink

And here it is, the latest baby girl blankie:

This style of blanket is one of my favorites. It's a very simple (read = easy to do while watching play-offs without risking ruin when I have to throw it to the floor and chase my toddler away from the fireplace) pattern, but with very cute results. This one was a commissioned blanket for a friend of mine, I hope she likes it!

I also finished up a couple hats. I hope to post pictures soon, but they belong to my camera-shy Daddy-B and lil' b. Yep, matching hats for the men in my life. I am officially a Yuppie. As tacky as I would have called the idea when I was a joie de vivre singleton (was I ever a joie de vivre singleton? I doubt it), it's cute as heck on my two favorite guys. I know, because we've had a bunch of strangers comment on their coolness/hipness, and I know winter hat compliments are pretty uncommon in general. But aside from that, I think it's cute, and since I'm the one wielding the hook, I have the final say. :)

Well, back to the hook and needles. Socks or blanket? Socks or blanket? The eternal debate rages on.

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Chel said...

Aw, so cute! I have been ogling a knit baby blanket, but I swore off them long ago, so it's still up in the always inspire me to try it though! I might have to!