Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pictures galore

Though without a model until the end of October, here is the completed sweater for Sissy.

It was made in Snuggly Bubbly pink, the pattern is 1618 from Sirdar. It worked up pretty quickly, of course, since it's a newborn size.

On to the Etsy quilts!

This one I am calling Pink Mum since it has a floral pattern and lots of mum fabrics. lil' b actually picked out the fabrics for this almost entirely on his own.

This is the gender-neutral Spartan quilt. It's tough to be gender-neutral when you are working with base colors of hunter green and white, but I think it turned out great!

And finally, this is the Cherries Jubilee quilt with old-fashioned cherry fabric, plaids, sparkles, and flor de lis. I just love how this turned out, so feminine and cute!

I am happy to report that all buyers were delighted with their quilts, so hopefully the good word spreads and I get some more business. Until then, just waiting for the LYS to open so I can start a new in-betweeny project. :)

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