Monday, July 30, 2007

girls, girls, girls

So in addition to this blanket:
(in detail)

I've THREE pink and white projects coming up! Everyone is expecting a little girl this year! The one pictured above, sent and sold to Angela, is called Cotton Candy. I really loved how it turned out, it was almost as though there were patterns within patterns on it, and it seemed very light for its size.

So as I mentioned before, I'm working on Candy Kiss right now, that's a piece for a friend, and then I have to choose another two patterns - one of which will be a gift for my little guy's favorite daycare teacher, she's expecting her first daughter in November.

I wish my hands could work faster, I have so many projects I'd like to do. Just last month I finally finished my 1' x 4' framed wine cork board, and I've already gotten a ton of requests for cork boards like it. This weekend the fam went to the local summer festival, where we spotted some great deals on frames, so I can at least make a couple of those. And then of course I'm still hoping to make some lounge pants for my son, and if that works, I'll take on the rest of the guys in our family. Every guy needs comfy pants.

Daddy-B started our Christmas ice wine this weekend too, which will yield thirty hostess gifts. I need to start thinking on a name for it.

And I also need to put some thought into a name for this year's fantasy football team... Hmmm...


Chel said...

You do really lovely work! The detail in these afghans is fantastic. BTW, I saved you in my favs already, so I certainly don't mind if you save mine (and I don't think any one else even looks at it anyway so it's nice to know someone is reading)

Shirley said...

You make the most beautiful afghans! You certainly have very fortunate friends, your work is lovely.