Sunday, April 20, 2008

boy quilt post-holiday

Only one finished object, but it's a pretty one!

I actually took a two-week vacation and did not bring a single thread with me. Two-weeks craft-free.
Now I'm starting up my next quilt, a green, gender-neutral one for one of my good friends who is expecting her first in early June.
We spent our two weeks in Cancun with the whole family. It was wonderful. I gained two pounds, Daddy-B put on five. So yes, lots of eating. :) Lots of sun, lots of adventures. Lil' b is reaching an age where vacations are both more fun and more challenging. He remembers what he did over his trip, he'll tell you about turtles, pirates, and iguanas.

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Chel said...

It looks really wonderful! Quilting seems to suit you :) Cancun sounds so relaxing...we are starting to plan our next cruise, but are waiting until the youngest is 2 so they can enjoy the kids camp too...and trying to get Grandma and Grandpa to come so mom and dad can have an evening out!