Friday, July 27, 2007

hip to be square

Meet project number two. And if you love it, sorry, but this one is all lil' b's. It's a perfect toddler size - which means it's nearly double the size of the first project. That one was clearly a baby blanket.

And the requisite detail shot:

For some reason this project seemed to last an eternity. Maybe because I worked on it during the little guy's first month of life, so it was my constant companion for every late night nursing session, and it was often in my hands over his head while he napped on my chest.

Anyway, I went to a Grand Hallow's Ball at Borders for the release of Harry Potter (yes, I was up until 1:30 in the morning, and no, I didn't even buy the book - I am a true dork) and while I was killing time there, Javacula in hand (how else does the mother of a toddler stay up past eight?), I stumbled upon Charmed Knits. Yes, I know it seems to be the epitome of nerdiness, but I was enchanted. I will grant you that I will never in my life knit a "wand cover," but I just loved some of the Hogwarts sweaters. I could totally picture my guy wearing House colors or sporting a Weasley sweater. But I must admit the items that alllllmost persuaded me to stand in that ridiculous line were the Wizard Robe and Dobby Socks. This will go on my Wish List for sure.

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