Wednesday, June 30, 2010

open water

After much thought and research, our turtle has gone free, along with his two goldfish companions.

I know there is some debate about releasing a captive turtle into the wild. We weighed all the options and ultimately decided he should live out his days (the long/short of them) in a lovely secluded pond near our home. It has been a "dumping ground" for goldfish for years, apparently, as on warm days the surface seems to glimmer orange with millions of fish scales. We have also seen a few turtles there of our dear Peck's species, so hopefully he will find friends and a mate. Even if he does not live long (there are some snappers in the area who trump even Peck's impressive size), he will at least live out his life in the real sun and rain instead of under the hum of an electric warming light in our basement.

Our family will be escaping to the freedom of the open water this weekend, as well. We'll be hosting/assisting in the fourth annual Freedom is a Free Dog Hot Dog Giveaway. Last year we spent the Fourth giving away three hundred hot dogs to hungry boaters. This year we are hoping for 400. Daddy-B will be manning the grill with our friends and family all beachside to help and relax.

How are you going to celebrate freedom this Independence Day?

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