Friday, July 2, 2010


Like lots of people, I love Anna Maria Horner's blog. And when I heard about her Rainbow Around the Block project, well, I had to put everything on hold and put together a block of my own.

Once I went to the Flickr site, I seemed to notice a shortage on the BIV part of the rainbow, so I decided to choose those colors from my stash. Then it was a matter of choosing a block pattern. I googled 12 inch quilt patterns and found this neat (and easy) block. It's called Next Door Neighbor, which I thought was appropriate given the final destination of these quilts.

So here's the process:

First, of course I cut out all my squares and then cut the triangles. Then I pieced the triangles into squares, like so:

Then I sewed the squares into strips, and the four strips into the final block:

I am pretty darn pleased with it, as it's actually the most complex piecing I've done so far.

I've had to pause on the cross quilt since I've reached a "invade the public living area" portion of production, and we're putting our house on the market. So I can't just have this massive quilt on the floor during showings. I'll just have to satisfy my quilt craving with Rainbow blocks until I can resume working on the cross.

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stitching under oaks said...

wonderful block...I love the fabrics and the style. you go girl! great work. I'm going to check out her blog with the link you posted.