Wednesday, October 3, 2007

quick and sweet

My prior experience with baby/toddler afghans came from patterns in this booklet. You'll notice that the cover, in fact, TELLS you that the patterns are "Quick & Sweet."

Quick and sweet though they claim to be, each one still took me a month to finish. So suffice it to say, I put little stock in their claim. Much like when a booklet promises "contemporary and modern designs" and you see things you wouldn't be caught dead in. Much like how my subject line says "quick and sweet" when this post is clearly neither.

When shopping for the next booklet of patterns, I didn't worry whether they claimed ease, I just went for one that had more than seven patterns. Enter, A Year of Baby Afghans.

I've typed all of this to get to my point. Which is, I am STILL working on October. I'm not even halfway done. Which, by my count, means that the months of not only August and September will have passed by the time it's finished. October itself will have finished before October is finished.

In case you are curious, October is the blanket pictured in the upper corner of the cover above. Looks simple enough, doesn't it? And even easier, my version is just pink and white, not multi-colored. So why is it taking half my year to finish?!?
I'm especially stressed about this because a) since I know the baby's gender already, that means I had less then twenty weeks to start with to get this darn thing done and b) I just had to frog three rounds of my latest strip, without even knowing where, exactly, I went wrong. Which of course means I'm doomed to repeat it.
All of this prompted my dear, sweet husband to utter the following:
"I'm sorry, I'm confused. Isn't this supposed to be relaxing and fun?"


Cinnamonamon said...

Aren't husbands just *so* helpful sometimes? lol

Glad to "see" you again! I'm sure the blanket will turn out wonderfully. :)

pretty crochety said...

what they really meant by a "year of afghans" was that they'll each take you a year ;)

fret not! you'll make it...:)

knittin gin said...

I always find my knitting relaxing, right up to the point where I discover I have to frog some of it!