Monday, October 22, 2007

closer... closer...

The end of October is in sight. Just a matter of finshing the edging on two last strips and then sewing them to the main blanket. Then it's all done, and I can move on to more interesting pastures.

Don't get me wrong though, October is going to be so cute. I can't wait to see it all come together.
Since my mother is non-crafty, she did me the honor of buying two skeins of Lion's Brand Homespun in Prairie.

Unfortunately, she bought it because she wants me to make her a Relaxed Cardi (and yes, I still owe you all pictures of the green one I made). And apparently she thinks that any yarn, in any quantity, can be used for any project. Now I'm struggling to find a crochet hook which will turn this rather awkward yarn in to anything remotely wearable, and I'm going to have to go buy a few more skeins. Ugh. And I really want it to work out for her - I love making things that someone will actually USE.

I've also broken up the monotony of October with another Checked Blanket, this one in orange and pale yellow. Only one of the five strips done for that one, but it was nice to take a break from pink and white. :)


Chel said...

I'm glad there's an end in sight to October :) I love the feeling of homespun, but it's not my fav to crochet with - I just can't see the stitches! Good luck working out the gauge!

hook & needle said...

That's the trouble I'm having - that and gauging the stuff. Finally, for a swatch, I just aimed for where I *thought* the crochets should go. That turned out pretty nice. But the gauge was still off. I'm thinking of going with it anyway - it worked gauge-less before - since the pattern is really easy, all dc with some trebles at the end. The toughest part will be the edging in rsc.

Chel said...

Have you checked out ravelry? It's a new site and they're taking on takes a few weeks to get your invite once you put your name on the list, but I got mine last night and the site is awesome...lots of tools for keeping track of your projects, your queue, yarn stash, etc...a fun way to show it all off!