Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what can I say, I'm a busy lady

Between my sister's big move, the onslaught of football season (which is like having an extra person living in our house, by the way, whose schedules and moods must be accomodated), and the crush of preparing for the holiday rush at work, I am making depressingly slow progress on October. Not to mention that my blogging has been less than satisfactory. But fear not! I can see a light in the distance!


Chel said...

Aw, thanks! To answer your Q, I can't wash the shirt until tomorrow, so let me make sure it still looks good after a washing then I will let you know what kind of price I'd charge.

Chel said...

I meant to say, do you have any of the "How does a dinosaur..." books? My DS LOVES them...seriously, we have 2 and I have them memorized backwards and front! Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. Excellent series!

Chel said...

We have how Does a Dinosaur Play with his Friends? and How does a Dinosaur Clean up his room...T definitely likes the play one better, but both are hits :) We'll have to check out the Going to bed one!

I'm thinking $12 plus shipping on the t's...if you decide you're interested, you know how to email me :)

Happy crocheting!