Sunday, September 27, 2009

socks alive

No new pictures today, but I thought I'd try to get an update in before we get too close to Sissy's October arrival. I'm in the thick of her Baptism dress, but of course I got distracted with an old WIP. A pair of brown socks.

I started the brown socks right after Christmas for Daddy-B, and I had deserted them after finishing one and a half. They are finally done now, and once I can coax him to try them on, I'll have pictures, but they are this beautiful tweedy brown that I knitted in a boxed pattern. Nice and woolly and warm.

Well, of course that reignited my sock-love. So I just HAD to frog that twined green sock and start a fresh basketweave pattern with it. So now Sissy's little Baptismal dress lies at the bottom of the green project bag, neglected, while I keep telling myself that I'll go right back to it after this next round on the basketweave sock.

Meanwhile, my handmade-loving yet absolutely not crafty mother has assigned me two new projects for her. Which I can't turn down because she also buys not only the yarn and patterns for her projects, but she wins me over by feeding my stash. Gah! Poor, poor Sissy. Being second sucks. At least I did complete the afghan I promised her, painted the letters for her room, and tried (in general) very hard to duplicate the preparations we made for lil' b.

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