Tuesday, February 12, 2008

missing in action

Sorry I've been mssing, though I'm not sure too many folks noticed... I've been working on some pretty repetitive projects (yet more pink and white checked blankets) so no really cool pictures to share. I am hoping to start working on a pair of quilts, and I made a nifty cell phone case for my new cellie, so maybe I'll have things to share soon. :)

Keep craftin' people!


Chel said...

I noticed :) Been wondering what you've been up to! BTW, if you ever have need to buy fabric online I hightly recommend www.fabric.com - I just used them and was impressed. But then again, most people don't need to order fabric online unless they live in the boonies like me!

a friend to knit with said...

sure we noticed!!!!!!
glad to see you are well.

Cinnamonamon said...

Of course we noticed! ;) I know how you feel with the "boring" projects. Mine is a leftover Christmas present that I'm taking a ridiculous amount of time to knit. I feel guilty taking time out to blog when I'm so behind! lol

Chel said...

I told you your blankets were inspiring...I started stashing up orange Caron Brites for a baby blanket I've been eyeing to knit up...thanks to the paper lady who left me 3 Michael's ads (and hence 3 40% off coupons).

So what's up with you lately?

DS is watching Nemo for the first time right now (I started AF this morning and after a night of reflux with Lulu I need some peace around here!) - Nemo was just caught by the diver and DS got so upset - yelling Nemo! Nemo! I LOVE this age so much - watching the wheels turn in their heads.

Ok, sorry for the super long comment :)