Tuesday, January 29, 2008

de-stashing versus selling projects

I find myself in a quandry. Perhaps I'm just a bit dim today (this has been known to happen, I know) but I found myself pondering the fine line (as it appears to me) between a de-stash and selling completed items.

There has been some discussion recently about the morality/legality of selling a completed project whose design is not your own. Some think it's okay, some think it's not. I am curious where a de-stash falls in this argument. To some extent, it has not become an FO, as in a cute sweater or whatnot, but it IS an FO, inasmuch as the yarn maker made it to sell for their personal profit. Isn't a de-stash, then, a bit like scalping tickets? Or is it more like reselling a book on Amazon? And, enlighten me please, what's the difference? Why is one legal and one illegal?

I'm not sure I'm making sense.

I wonder if there is a legal precedent for this sort of thing.

No one would want my stash at this point anyway... it's loaded with acrylics.


Cinnamonamon said...

I think it's pretty much an on your honor thing. If you make something then toss it up on etsy.com, it's pretty obvious you're making specifically to cash in. If you make something and find it doesn't fit, then selling it is no big deal (of course someone could *claim* it didn't fit, but at least they could only do it once or it would be fairly obvious they're being shady).

PeasInMyHair said...

If someone else's design that you got for free, then request their permission in writing to sell it, if you want to be nice. Maybe set up an agreement where you give them a commission (or like, $2.00), every time you sell something of their design.

Another option is to pay for the design, then sell your SERVICE and TIME to the consumer, not the design.

Best idea: consult an attorney just in case. You can probably find one who charges $200 / hour or less. Worth it if you think you will make more money than that.

And I like your blog. Thanks for the blogroll add!