Thursday, August 23, 2007

rusty needles

Everybody was making them, so I had to jump on board. Saartje's Booties are one of the cutest little things I've seen in a long time, so I broke out the ol' needles and gave it a shot.

I just used some scrap yarn because I wasn't sure if I knew how to do the whole pattern. It turns out, I didn't. Can someone please tell me how to do a long tail cast on after the row has already been started? Or for that matter, just a long tail cast on? I tried the how to knit site and figured out how to do it that way, but I couldn't get tails at both ends (how it looks in the picture on Saartje's PDF) to save my life.

It did turn out pretty cute, I think, but the straps are completely improvised. If I do a whole pair, I'll choose softer yarn, but I want to be doing it correctly first.


Chel said...

Wow, that's fabulous! I just printed out the pattern to try myself...I'm working on a pair of newborn pants right now, so I can make a matching hat and booties with the extra. Sorry no help on the longtail cast on...I'mm be reading up on that myself :) But thanks for the link to a great looking pattern!

Knitterella said...

So cute! I love them :) I know what you mean, we're all doing them. I just finished my first last night and am excited to see the pair completed soon. ooo so cute!

Yeah, that long tail cast on at the end of the row was strange to me too. I did it but I'm not sure I did it right but it did turn out cute and so did yours so whatever you did works!


Cinnamonamon said...

So cute! I keep seeing these everywhere -- I might have to try some! I've never heard of doing a long tail cast on after you've started a row; I'll have to read up on that. Whatever you did ended up looking great, though!

peaknits said...

The long tail cast on had your fingers like a sling shot kind of - I think what makes this one different is that I think for one of the straps, you literally cut the yarn and then cast on the 10 stitches using the center pull yarn and the yarn from the other end of the skein, kind of twist them together and create your "sling shot" - then knit onto the the bootie. I don't think this makes a ton of sense. It took me several tries to get mine to look like the pattern. Good luck - sorry I cannot translate very well:) The booties are sweet though, and love the little apples - "how do ya them apples"