Wednesday, August 11, 2010

this is the way we spin the yarn

I am amazed.

Roving + spindle:
Equals a small ball of single ply:

Add spindle again, and you get totally sweet two-ply:

I saw someone do this on etsy to show the yarn width, and it seemed like a great idea. After all, when I put so much effort into making it thin, I'd like everyone to see exactly how thin it is:

Yep, two strands of this yarn is enough to blindfold Lincoln.

That is some skinny sock weight yarn.

I spun it using the Andean ply method, which I learned courtesy of youtube. I was trying to figure out how to spin a two ply out of two singles when one single was enough to fill my spindle. The Andean method is great, because you just double a single back on itself and voila! It doesn't overtake your spindle and you get a nice petite skein at the end.

I've never actually done a gauge swatch before, but I suppose I will have to with this to determine my needle size for the socks. I now believe I will have plenty of roving to make my socks in this colorway, so I'm pretty excited. Maybe even two pair? We'll have to see.

Also, I joined the Spin-List on yahoo, and some woman chastised me for referring to myself as a "spindler." I seem to use the two words (spinner and spindler) interchangeably, but this woman was actually pissed off that I choose a "cute, made-up word" to describe my new endeavor. I think she has too much time on her hands.


amandajean said...

what a beautiful yarn color! you must be so proud of your accomplishment. i know i would be. :) i love the blindfold Lincoln comment. so funny!

Michelle said...

HAha, I love word maker upper, you. I was debating whether to spin for a sweater (I have a deep desire to make Owls), but I only have a pound of the wool I love, just not enough of anything to make it on hand!