Monday, July 5, 2010

long weekend

The weekend did not get off to a very promising start. Because this is exactly where my project tote spent four days... on the floor in MY house while we were all NOT at my house. Packed, ready to go, left by the couch.


Things improved from there, however.

Friday we went out to the lake. The Big Lake. Lake Michigan. It was marmallow's first trip, but the heat determined that she stayed in the shade. Plus I'm a bit nervous about trace amounts of e. Coli on infant immune systems. But lil' b got good and splashy.

Then on the fourth, we had our fourth annual hot dog giveaway. Freedom is a Free Dog!

We gave away 320 hot dogs. Lots of return visitors this year, some people planned their Independence Day celebration around what has become the traditional Free Dog on Eagle Lake. We had people taking their pictures with us, it was kind of insane. The kids had a blast, too, which is really the whole point.

And alpaca. I wound up bringing home one and a half bags of the luxuriously soft stuff.

Here's a picture of the brown, I brought back more brown than white.

God bless Daddy-B for being so completely cool with the bags of animal hair. It helped, I think, that it was essentially odorless. Lil' b and I began cleaning some of it last night... it's a time-consuming process. I may just clean as I go.

And lil'b's biggest event... the purchase and first ride of a big kid two-wheeler with training wheels! He already had his first crash, but he got right back on and tried again. Very proud mama. Marmallow also had a first tooth sprout over the weekend. Hopefully I can get a picture of that soon.

How was your weekend?


Monked & Fifed said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend...even with the bag left behind!
I'm anxious to see what becomes of that alpaca!

Michelle said...

Mmmm, that alpaca is beeeeutiful! I have fond childhood memories of the dunes in Michigan...will have to take the kids up there sometime.