Wednesday, August 13, 2008

omg, I made it!

I made a shirt! I did it! I did it!

I don't have pictures because my camera is in Daddy-B's car today.

But, I made a shirt for lil' b! My first ever attempt at buttonholes was a success! I can't wait to show you pictures of that and the other baby quilt I finished up last week.

We have a sort of tradition in my family of getting matching shirts for the guys. Daddy-B, PopPop, and my brother-in-law get matching shirts each Christmas, always Hawaiian style. Last year, my mom scoured the internet to find a Hawaiian shirt that would fit everyone from PopPop to lil' b. It was a huge effort. So I thought, if I could learn how to make a shirt, then I could just scavenge the material from a spare XXL and make lil' b's matching shirt each year. And I learned how to do it! I am so psyched! Now it's a matter of figuring out how to scavenge the fabric from an already made shirt. Then my next dream is to make everyone Christmas lounge pants... you know, for opening gifts together.

I'm also working on a vest for my mom. She swears that if I can do it easily, she'll have me teach her and actually make vests for herself. I'll believe this bit of craft-related storytelling when I see it... she has started and given up more craft ideas that I can count. I keep thinking, this will be the art that sticks! And I keep being wrong. ;) Her vest is halfway finished, I just need to go get the lining.

I did wind up finishing one white ankle sock for lil' b. I didn't like how it looked, plus it was too small, so I pitched that. And in my spare time I'm working away on my mock Fair Isle socks. Those will be a Christmas gift for mom. Christmas gifts!! It's time to start working on those, too!

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