Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wonderful Wondertime, side projects, and spring

So I got a little jing-a-ling a few weeks back from my all-time favorite magazine, Wondertime. I hesitated posting about it because I hadn't signed anything yet, but they chose one of my reader comments to print in the next issue. Pretty sweet! It's not a big-deal article or anything, but it's Wondertime, people! I'm very excited!

I've been furiously crocheting the last of my crochet projects (for now). It's a pink and white (yawn) checkered blanket for a friend. Then it's off into the lively world of baby quilts! I have three on deck, two gender neutral and one all boy. My mother picked out the fabrics for the boy's quilt, and I hope to post pictures of them soon, they are so fresh and bright... it's going to make an awesome quilt.

And spring... ah yes, spring is lurking around the corner. I live in a townhouse/condo type of arrangement, so my gardening (which used to be my passion in my old house) has had to adapt. Last year we grew tomatoes in containers on our front steps. This year I planted some pumpkin seeds indoors to germinate. This has a dual purpose - one, to transplant into the burm behind our house later this year, and two, to show lil' b how plants grow. He helped me with the tomato plants last year (as much as he could, being about 16 months old), so he has an idea of what those terra cotta pots are for, but this year I hope to bring a little nature right up close in his own room. The pumpkin seeds are planted in an old frosting container. Reuse, baby.

Daddy-B is not an environmentalist. At all. In fact, he's practically an anti-environmentalist. So it has been an uphill battle in our home to achieve even marginally green ideas (for example, we already have a recycle bin, and pay for recycling pick up, but if I didn't put things in the recycle bin, no one would). He hated my composter in our old yard and I swear he'd deliberately be the guy to crack our eggs in the morning just to throw them away instead of compost them. But I have managed to talk him into growing a lot of our own vegetables or buying them at farmer's markets. All of this said, it is important for me to teach lil' b about food and plants and the earth. I wouldn't call myself an enviromentalist either, but I want to make sure my son knows I'm a far cry from sticking my head in the sand.


Chel said...

Aw, what a great spring-y post!

BTW, if you need a GOOD laugh, go to DWIL and do a search for "Bridezilla" by RelativInsanity. OMG what that poor girl has had to put up with. It brings Bridezilla to a whole new level.

a friend to knit with said...

so funny about your hubby.
my husband takes my recycle bag, and throws it into the garbage can! :)
even after all of my nagging! ;)

knittin gin said...

Congratulations on the nod from Wondertime! You must be so psyched!

I'll be rooting for your Spartans in the game against Memphis on Friday! I'm thinking Memphis is going down since they suck at the free throw line and the Spartans are supposed to be so good defensively. Good luck!

Cinnamonamon said...

Sounds like my dh. If he hadn't gotten into the habit in Florida he'd put up more of a fuss. As it was I had a hard time getting him to use the composter (when we used it...I should start again!).