Wednesday, March 12, 2008

can we be done with winter, please?

Sorry, no new pictures to put up... I've been very lax about getting to the store for yarn, and the other sock is taking a little time.

Lil' b turned two last weekend, which was great fun. I can't believe he's so big! I made him a cake shaped like a Jolly Roger (as one of our friends was kind enough to share "It's not every day you see a birthday cake that looks like the universal symbol for poison, 'cita.")

It's sort of bittersweet for me, that only two years have passed and yet he's come so far from when he was born. I wonder how much I have changed in two years. It doesn't seem like much. I hope I am a better person. I think about that every day, trying to be the kind of person I want lil' b to be, and to look for in a spouse. Obviously, no one is perfect, but I hope he is learning little things about humanity, decency, and kindness from Daddy-B and I.

I have noticed that he has picked up (nature? nuture? who knows...) some of our tendencies already. For instance, he loves a good back rub - it will put him right to sleep. That is definitely mamacita's gene right there. He also loves to cook and share his pretend meals with Daddy-B and I - something he inherited from his dad.

The strangest thing was when he took his toast, eggs, and sausage and made them into a little sandwich before eating them. That is an uncommon quirk that Daddy-B and I share - one of the little things that just clicked with us, in a trivial soulmate sign kind of way (oh wow, you do that too? how sweet, and how strange...).

There is a book, The Five Love Languages, that talks about how people show love in different ways. Daddy-B loves by doing - he cleans, he prepares our meals, he works hard and puts in long hours to show his love. I show my love physically, through touch. Kissing owies, ruffling hair, giving hugs, and holding hands. I wonder how lil' b will show his love. I don't think it is physical, he's never big on getting or giving hugs. And I don't think it's by doing, not yet anyway.

Everyday he is finding new ways to say "I am my own person." Perhaps he will show love in a way completely unique from Daddy-B and I. I am eager to find out.


Chel said...

I could use a HUGE boxing bag right now...I would rip the stuffing out of it...GRrrrrrrrrrrrr. And kick it and beat the living tar out of it...and some other things that you would probably rather not have written in your comments...

BTW, I have heard great things about that book, I should check it out.

Chel said...

Thanks :) I'm scared shitless.

Actually there's only 1 person who is really getting to me...usually I don't let the board get to me at all, but I am way overstressed today so I am just stepping away right now. Before I say something that I will regret tomorrow...because Lord knows it would feel GREAT today, lol.

Cinnamonamon said...

What a sweet post. :) It's amazing, scary & bittersweet watching them grow & evolve, isn't it?