Monday, January 21, 2008

ripp-it, ripp-it

There are frogs on this blog today. Because I just ripped out almost an entire sock. It was sort of sad, a little frustrating, but I'm actually pretty optimistic about it.

As my first sock attempt, it was looking good, but I really was deluding myself that it would be wearable (and that I'd like it enough to finish the pair) but I chugged along. Ignored the warning signs.... seems a bit big, a bit loose, not too keen on that laddering happening there... don't really dig the way the pattern works with the self-stripe of the yarn. And then it happened.

I tried it on. Still ignoring the size. And it stretched a good 9 inches up my calf, and was almost complete through the foot. In doing so, I dropped three stitches and unraveled back two or three rows on them. Since I don't know how to pick up dropped stitches with anything resembling good craftsmanship, I decided it was a sign. This sock was not meant to be... it was a starter sock, a good chance to try out heel flap and heel turn techniques. I frogged the whole thing.

And now I'm excited again. Because now I can fix those mistakes. With each frog of this sock, I am perfecting my technique. And I will finally, someday, get a beautiful pair of socks that I can wear with pride and show off to friends. And people will say, you made these? They're AWESOME. Were they hard to do? And I'll smile and say, oh no, super easy once you get the hang of it.


Chel said...

Aw, bummer on the frogs, but this time will be better! :) Hope things are going well for you all - stay warm! I need to update my blogging...been working on some things, but not taking the pics I should. Something else to add to the todo list.

Nora said...

Yes, the "cab sav" sock pattern is as you described it in my comments. [Cab Sav - I love that name and the images it conjures...] :)

Round 1: *K1, P1*
Rounds 2 + 3: K


Cinnamonamon said...

I hope the new try works out!! :)