Monday, January 7, 2008

frickin' babies

I have just about had it with friends expecting babies.

I mean, yes, they are my friends, and yes, I am thrilled for them. Every one of them is a blessing in my life, and their children are all miracles - not to mention (and not to be underrated), pre-approved friends for my own darling tot.

But don't they realize what this does to my sock dreams?!?

I have one sock half finished, a pretty number in a small squares pattern. I'm feelin' good, speeding along, learning new stitches and excited about tucking my foot into this glorious sock. I've completed my first heel flap, turned my first heel, completed my first gusset...

And suddenly I learn that I will need to make FOUR baby blankets for June and another for August? Not to mention the commissioned stuff, the first of which is due in February?

I'm not complaining, everyone likes to be wanted, but I'm calling MERCY!


Cinnamonamon said...

5 baby blankets?! BIG hook & triple stranded yarn!! ;) lol

Chel said...

Or learn to make baby socks rather than blankets ;)

Knitterella said...

Don't tell anyone but I'm with ya - man, all my friends are having babies now! Two sets of twins tossed in there too! - I've got a lot of baby hats to make!

Guess baby hats really aren't the same caliber of time as your gorgeous blankets though. Good luck girl!

hook & needle said...

I used to do gift sets of knitted hats and booties, but they never turned out the way I wanted (the hats always laddered up the sides, and I haven't tried circs). So to me, baby socks and hats are exactly the same caliber as a crochet blanket! LOL!

Jill - one of my friends is expecting twins and I sent her a link to the adorable peapod sets you made awhile back... I won't have time to knit them for her, but her grandmother will be all over it. :)