Wednesday, December 19, 2007

edging towards the end of August

I've finished all of the basic motifs and attached them, as well as weaving in thousands of loose ends. Right now I'm adding the edging, then I'll just need to finish the star points (they are already crocheted and just need to be sewn on). It's looking very nice, I really think it's a great blanket. I hope to have it completed and washed by this weekend.

I just keep dreaming about all of that luscious sock yarn I'll be getting Christmas morning. I can't wait. I know, I do have other blankets I need to get done. But I hope that the sock-making breaks up the monotony. I just found out that the next three blankets on my list are for girls... AGAIN. Fortunately the colors requested were not all pink and white (two are purple and white, which should be fun... haven't done a purple and white blanket yet). And this year, I'm going to start right away on crafting next year's Christmas gifts. Socks all around? We'll see.

Does anyone know if LYS's have after-Christmas sales on good yarn? Not just Christmas yarns, but regular stuff as well?

Also... does anyone have a good, simple, plain pattern for a knit hat, using 7 dpns and sport weight? My dad keeps saying he needs a new night cap, since the one I made him years ago is getting a bit threadbare. Sha-nay-nay, I'll be stopping by to see if you've got the pattern from your blog...

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