Tuesday, November 20, 2007

last christmas, I made you a sock

More specifically, a stocking. Three of them. One for lil' b:
One for mamacita (that's me):
And one for Daddy-B:

When we went looking for the fabric for these stockings, it was a battle. Daddy-B has very particular tastes, and while I usually don't mind, when it comes to crafts, I also have very particular tastes.
We agreed they should all look similiar, but not the same. He wanted velvet stockings - a blue, a red, and a green, all trimmed with silver or grey. I wanted quilt squares. He said "quilt squares look too homemade." I told him that was exactly the point. Some things you want to be mistaken for store-bought. A sweater, for instance, or a really great handbag. A blanket, or (God forbid) a Christmas stocking? Those should look handmade. Otherwise, Target sells velvet stockings for $5.
Thankfully, I won out, and we each have a quilt square patterned stocking, lined and edged with hunter green.

Also, another thing we agreed upon? These suckers need to be large. No petite stockings here. So while I don't have a picture to show you scale, I will tell you that last year, we could fit our 9 month-old completely inside his stocking. Oh yeah, it's Christmas time, and that's how we do!

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