Saturday, November 3, 2007

hookin' right along

August is underway! There are three motifs in this blanket - solid blue, stars, and shooting stars.

I did some of each so I could get a feel for difficulty. The shooting stars are the hardest, but all the star ones are kind of challenging. The points have to be crocheted and sewn on separately. Here's a close up of a finished star motif:
Now to decide... get the tough parts done with and then finish with the easier ones, or do the easy ones first so I feel like I'm making progress? So many choices...
But for a baby blanket, I love how unique this will be. No pastels or confetti yarns here!
So I will get a little spare time to work on this today, since Daddy-B is at the big game and its requisite tailgate all day. I also have to clean the house a little though, too. Company is coming tomorrow for a Discovery Toys party. So between baking cupcakes, cleaning, and watching over lil b, I hope to use my free time crocheting this little beauty. Although, it would be awfully nice to take a bath some time, too. Ah, priorities.


Chel said...

I like! Very different from your traditional pastel baby blanket. Can't wait to see the whole blanket!

Cinnamonamon said...

Those look great!