Wednesday, October 24, 2007

wip it good

I just want to prove to everyone that I really am working on stuff here, since it's been a long while since my last finished project.

First, I'd like everyone to meet October:

Not done yet, but so, so close.

Then, the creamsicle-colored Checked Blanket:

Only one strip, but it provided enough diversion to recharge me on October.

And then, not started, but on the chopping block, Relaxed Cardi #2:


Cinnamonamon said...

Okay, okay, I believe you now... ;) lol! They look great!

Chel said...

Very nice! I love the orange and cream - what a great color combo! October looks so nice and cozy.

pretty crochety said...

OOOH the creamsicle (yummy, i mean...) is very cool looking! kudos!