Wednesday, August 29, 2007

pink october

I bought a new baby blanket pattern book! Hooray hooray hooray! So I am crocheting up a blanket called October for my next big project. However, I have been working on it all week and haven't finished a strip yet (the completed blanket has nine of 'em). I tried to figure out the instructions for the turn while watching Borat last night, which was (and yes I realize it now) hopeless. I spent the whole length of the movie crocheting four single crochets and then distractedly ripping them back out again. No progress can be made that way!

And I know I owe you a picture of the Relaxed Cardi, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. The power outtage last week left us with a power-surge-damaged refrigerator or outlet or something, so we've been picking up the pieces ever since.


Chel said...

When you follow a pattern like this, do you use the colors they use or do you improvise with your own? Just curious :) Can't wait to see the cardi!

Chel said...
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Knitterella said...

I can knit and watch t.v. but can't crochet and watch t.v. especially not when Borat is on! That show is nuts!!!

Excited to see this blanket - sounds cool!

Jerri said...

Hi there! I keep thinking about all of this and I'm to the point where I can't even imagine another baby. Dh asked me if we want to even bother going to his appt. I still do, just to know.

I will most def keep you posted. And please keep me posted on you.

BTW, Kris (tim's mommy) was looking for you yesterday.